One of the fastest growing team sports in the world, cheerleading is unlike other sports as it provides a team environment. We work on a range of elements during Cheer classes from stunting, tumbling, and jumping. We use the IASF (International All-star Federation) rules when working on stunts and tumbling.Our classes also often include Pom dance, this requires the team to work simultaneously to create shapes, patterns, and movement in unison. We work on stunting as our main component as this is the hardest element of cheer.

We’ve known for a long time that kids love nothing more than attempting and perfecting new “tricks.”  Remember learning a cartwheel? We sure do, and it’s that sense of pride and exhilaration that we love to pass on to all students in our Cheerleading classes! After learning a variety of cheerleading stunts, tricks and tumbling, all of this hard work will be put into an electrifying routine to wow our concert audience!