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Thinking about joining our dance family? Find out all you need to know before coming along to the studio!

What to wear?

Each dance style has its own uniform requirements. These can be found in our Studio Uniform Catalogue and can be purchased through the studio’s uniform shop. A Uniform Catalogue can be emailed to you just ask our friendly team! Students also require the correct shoes for their classes, and these will also be used for their performance. We have a small selection of second hand shoes available at the studio’s uniform store, and can assist you with where to purchase new dance shoes.


We can’t wait to see your child shine on stage at our annual concerts! Each year we hold two concerts, one smaller concert at the end of Semester One and one larger concert at the end of Semester Two. Performances are an exciting part of the dance world and help to build your child’s confidence and skills, whilst they have an amazing time performing for their friends and family.

Meet the family

Our studio is filled with amazing dance families just like yours! Don’t be afraid to say ‘hello’ and meet some new dance mum’s and dad’s whilst you wait in our comfortable waiting room. We also have an amazing team waiting to meet you! Our passionate staff and teachers are ready to inspire, educate and mentor your child through their dance journey.

Our dancers are more than just students, they are part of the ADE family.

What’s next?

Why not come along to our next Open Week and experience the excitement and energy of our classes! This is the perfect opportunity for modern parents and their children to explore our state-of-the-art facilities, meet our passionate instructors, and get a taste of the dynamic dance styles we offer. During Open Week, new students can try out any class that piques their interest, allowing them to discover the perfect fit for their child’s passion. Join us in creating lasting memories, building skills, and fostering a love for dance in a welcoming and contemporary environment. We can’t wait to share the joy of dance with you and your family! Book in for your free trial week of classes today!

Ready to embark on a journey of rhythm, movement, and creativity with us right now?! Joining the ADE is easier than ever – simply enroll online now! Our user-friendly online enrollment process ensures a seamless and convenient experience for modern parents and students alike. Skip the paperwork and effortlessly secure your spot in our vibrant dance community from the comfort of your own home. Whether your child is drawn to the elegance of ballet, the rhythm of tap, or the energetic beats of hip hop, our online enrollment opens the door to a world of possibilities. Embrace the future of dance education by enrolling online today and let the excitement begin!

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