Twinkle Toes Classes 2024

We are so excited to be back in the studio soon! In 2024 we have so many class options for our Twinkle Toes students, have a look at our new Twinkle Toes timetable below and our current timetable and our fees & information.

Twinkle Toes Class Timetable

4.00pm-4.30pm Twinkle Toes Acro
9.30am-10.00am Twinkle Toes Ballet
4.30pm-5.00pm Twinkle Toes Jazz
9.30am-10.00am Twinkle Toes Jazz
9.30am-10.00am Twinkle Toes Ballet
10.00am-10.30am Twinkle Toes Jazz

Ballet classes have a focus on classical ballet, lyrical and contemporary foundations. Students will learn galloping, marching skipping jumping and turning in preparation for the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Syllabus.

Jazz classes have a focus on jazz and hip hop foundations. Your tiny dancer will have so much fun using our pom poms, scarves, balancing beam and other fantastic props in their jazz classes!

Acro classes focus on the foundations of acrobatics and cheer skills. Using the Acrobatic Arts syllabus your acro star will learn to roll, balance, tumble and jump on our acro mats.

All of our Twinkle Toes classes are specifically designed for child under 4 years old to develop their confidence, co-ordination, strength, rhythm and social skills in a fun but structured environment with our amazing team of teachers. 

We are a family friendly studio and welcome everyone to come along and dance with us! It’s important to us that you can fully enjoy and learn in our classes so providing you with a safe and supportive environment is crucial.

Our Twinkle Toes classes are $110 per term for one class per week ($220 for a term of two classes per week), we also have a yearly enrolment fee of $40, and a ruffle dress ($45) uniform, and pink ballet shoes ($26 ballet) OR tan jazz shoes ($51 dance) which are available to purchase at the studio.

Book in for your Twinkle Toes classes HERE or email us at with any questions. Some classes currently have waitlists so please contact us at your earliest convenience to book in your classes.